A Public Figure is a person, such as a celebrity, social media personality, politician or business leader, who has a certain social position within a certain scope and a significant influence and so is often widely of concern to the public, can benefit enormously from society, and is closely related to public interests in society.

You are sending this request based on your Right To Be Informed (note other regulations may have an alternative title with the same underlying right) as offered to you by the GDPR and/or similar Data Privacy Regulations. This section is focused on Public Figures and Public Entities in keeping them accountable on their compliance with the GDPR and/or similar Data Privacy Regulations.

GDPR: RIGHT TO BE INFORMED (European Union and European Economic Area)

  • Chapter III, Art.13: When personal data is directly obtained from the data subject.
  • Chapter III, Art.14: When personal data is not directly obtained from the data subject.


  • APP 3: Collection of solicited personal information.
  • APP 4: Dealing with unsolicited personal information.

CCPA: RIGHT TO KNOW (California)

  • Cal,Civ.Codes 1798.100, 1798.110 and 1798.11: Right To Know enables individuals to check whether their personal data is being used in a lawful way.

1.Submit your request to a Public Figure or Public Entity which uses Personal Data to perform their activities. Public Figures and Public Entities ARE NOT exempt from compliance with their privacy regulations relating to their use of Personal Data from third parties, constituents, individuals etc.

2.Once you submit your request, the receiver is permitted one calendar month from receipt to respond.

3.The same fate suffered by the receiver can very easily happen within your business, organisation, enterprise, government both in the public and private sector. Nobody is immune or above privacy regulations, it’s that simple.

4.You are making this request because you fear that your identity and personal data has been compromised.

5.Failure by the recipient to respond within the given time-frame will result in the matter being escalated to their Supervisory Authority.

6.Non-Member use of our services permits you to submit your requests, and it is free.

7.Membership to our services permits you to submit, monitor, log, follow-up and access archives of your requests, and it is free.

8: A list of National Supervisory Authorities:

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