We are a small group of young individuals that have come together to provide this free service for every decent human being to exercise their rights relating to their PERSONAL DATA (PD) also referred to as PERSONAL INFORMATION (PI).

As young individuals, accountability has become the common norm in just about everything we do. Thus we decided it was time for the same accountability to be applied to those who use our PD/PI for commercial activities without our explicit consent.

No matter what one’s age is in today’s society, we all have the right given to us  by regulations such as the GDPR, APP, CCPA etc… where those who use our information are now held accountable by law, and the best part it’s free!

Enjoy, share and start to take back control of your identity and enforce accountability on those using personal data for their commercial interests both in the private and public sector.

Oh yes, we DON’T share, sell, market or manipulate any of your registration and DSAR details with any third party and neither does GDPA. It’s that simple!

If you would like to donate to the project click here or simply share this service on your social media page with your family and friends so they can take back control of their identity and personal data/information.

To share simply click on the following link and paste it anywhere: [https://dsarlive.com]

Your actions today will send a clear message and shape the privacy landscape of tomorrow.

Frοm all of us to all of you, Thank You.


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